Your donation goes to further the work and vision of the Empowering Disciples Church.  

We now have 2 options for online giving;  PayPal and Zelle!!!

Zelle [preferred]

[This is the Preferred online donation option for EDC.]

Your Zelle donation will go directly from your bank to the EDC bank account.

To use this option, simply add the EDC email to your Zelle Send Money List.

   The EDC email ID is:

   We recommend that you copy and paste the EDC email to prevent typos.

This donation option is fee-free. It thereby saves money for EDC every time you use it instead of donating via PayPal.

Therefore, Zelle is the PREFERRED online donation option for EDC.


If you choose to donate via PayPal, your donation will be processed via our secure PayPal online donation page.

You may make donations from your bank debit card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express card, or from your PayPal account. 

To proceed with making a donation, select the <Make a PayPal Donation> link below. You will be directed to our secure PayPal webpage.

Follow the on-screen instructions provided, to the conclusion of your transaction at the Thank You / Receipt page.