Teaching from Scripture

We are a church that embraces the whole Bible as truth.  We understand that the Word of God was written in a particular context (situation in life) that is sometimes different than ours.  We believe that through the study of the Bible that the Spirit of God will lead us into all truth for living among one another and in the will of God.  We embrace that we are the creation of God, more unique in our makeup than all other creatures, because we have the freedom to choose (think, process ideas, and choose an action).  Thus, we choose God’s will for our lives.  Why do we do this?  Because God’s way is the best way.  We choose God’s Word over everything else.


We are always open to what the Spirit has to say or is leading us toward.  We, like others who have come before us, if we are going to reach the promised land or the kingdom of God, then, we have to follow the Word and Will of God.  Our ways lead to temporary or short-term fulfillment, but walking in the way God would have us go will sometimes call for sacrifice (in the short-term), but ultimately lead to the joy we all seek.