Christian Education

i. Bible Class - This series of Bible Studies is an opportunity to learn and grow. In the process, your faith grows and you grow in strength, courage and stamina. Then you are better equipped to endure and prosper, as well as, encourage others to come to Christ!  In this we are fulfilling the commission from Christ.  Come and get Empowered. The lead is Pastor J.  Classes are Tuesday mornings 11am and Tuesday evenings 7pm.
ii. Thirsty Thursdays- A series of teachings that offer a practical approach to dealing with life's issues in a Godly way.  It is a challenge to believers to overcome individual wills in order to surrender to God's will for our lives.  It provides pertinent instruction on applying Biblical truths to equip everyone to live-up-to and within our Godly inheritance.  Men and women are welcome to attend this meeting.   The lead:is Pastor D. The Ministry meets Thursdays at 7pm.
iii. Sunday Morning Worship Celebration Services - When you visit one of our Bible Study classes or worship services, you will find that we are led by the Spirit of God.  It is only by His leading that we continue to do what we do.

The attire at the services is comfortable casual! Come prepared to experience worship in the fullness that God intended.  We strive to make each lesson and message transparent for all who attend.

Associate Ministers

Deacon Ministry

Deacons are the eyes, ears, hands, arms and feet of the pastor.  Ordained by the pastor, we serve as the pastor directs, anywhere the pastor feels a need.  The deacons work in harmony with the pastor to build up the Kingdom of God; including visiting the sick and those unable to attend church.

Armor Bearers

Called by God to serve and help our assigned leader in life, ministry, and especially in the fight of faith. We are called to attend to, minister to, care for, help, be of use, assist, benefit, promote, support, make easy for, nourish, and encourage our leaders.    [Saul liked him very much and David became one of his armor bearers. - 1 Samuel 16:22b]

Trustees/Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry is responsible for the stewardship of church financial resources, including managing the financial aspects of the Church, including weekly offerings, accounts payable, staff payroll, taxes, and insurance.  We are responsible for ensuring EDC's financial integrity and communicating the financial position of the Church to the congregation.

The Brotherhood (Men's Ministry)

Quarterly meetings (during Sunday Worship) with the men of EDC centered on Biblical solutions to real life issues.  It is a straight-forward discussion that is frank and to the point, with no holds-barred.  Women and children are not allowed in these meetings - so men can speak freely, thereby learning and growing together. Meetings are as scheduled.


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Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry represents the first impression of EDC by warmly welcoming guests and encouraging all members.  The Hospitality Ministry maintains communication with members who are unable to attend services and those who have been away for awhile by visiting, sending cards and letters and making phone calls.  We also provide caring support and prayers for bereaved families.  The Hospitality Ministry puts our faith into action by seeking to be Godly servants where needed. [Contribute to the needs of God's people [sharing in the necessities of the saints]; pursue the practice of hospitality. – Romans 12:13]

Praise and Worship Ministry - New Adoration and EDC Choir

We usher the congregation into an atmosphere to surrender praise and worship to the Lord.  The music ministry sets the mood for the congregation to hear the gospel and receive the gift of salvation. [see more]  The lead is Minister DeiDra Zeigler. Rehearsals are Fridays at 7pm and as scheduled.

Young Radicals for Christ (Young Adults Ministry)

This Ministry reaches the teens where they are. It's real world, honest and powerful in that it's able to catch the teens early in their walk.  Instilling in them with a firm foundation that Christ loves them and an awesome future prepared for them. There is nothing too hard for God. He is able to heal, keep, bless, forgive and sustain!

God's Konquering Kids (Kids Ministry)

The Kid's Zone Ministry meets on Sunday mornings during the Worship Celebration Service. We have dynamic lessons that are designed to introduce and further the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  The classes are interactive and engaging for the young minds.

Seniors Ministry

Coming soon...

Covenant Couples (Couples Ministry)

Calling all married couples, engaged couples, dating couples and those who want to be married… We use a lot of fun tools and Biblical tools to assist in improving your relationship. We meet Fridays, at 7pm [as scheduled]. Everyone is welcome, members and non-members. The meetings are Fridays at 7pm, as scheduled.